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[Ongoing Projects] As of May 1, 2017

Large-scale Education and Research Projects

Consortium for Photon Science and Technology

Leader:Professor KODAMA Ryousuke
(Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering [Photon Pioneers Center])

Exploring of Novel Materials under Extreme states using XFEL and Power Laser

Leader:Associate Professor OZAKI Norimasa
(Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering)

Elucidation on Basic Characteristics of Ammonia Flames and
Fundamental Development of the Ammonia Combustion Technology

Leader:Professor AKAMATSU Fumiteru(Division of Mechanical Engineering)

Development of Cell Production and Processing Systems for
Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine

Leader:Professor KINO-OKA Masahiro(Division of Advanced Science and Biotechnology)

Establishment and Validation of the Base for 3D Design &
Additive Manufacturing Standing on the Concepts of Anisotropy & Customization

Leader:Professor KAKESHITA Tomoyuki(Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science)

Development of GaN power/optical devices with extremely high efficiencies on
high-quality GaN substrates and their application to practical systems

Leader:Professor MORI Yuusuke(Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering)

[Ended Projects]

Research and Development for the growth and processing techniques of GaN crystals(JST)

Funds for the Development of Human Resources in Science and Technology
"Program to Disseminate Tenure Tracking System"

Development of fundamental techniques for the growth of III-Nitrides crystals(NEDO)

Funding Program for Next Generation World-Leading Researchers

Developing of novel bio-organisms capable of breaking down and/or absorbing petroleum products. (Started in 2010)


Research in simultaneous atomic-force and scanning-tunneling microscopy. (Started in 2010)


Design and verification of thyristors and solenoids in organic molecules. (Started in 2010)


Bone biomaterial science and bone orientation control learning from bone nano-structure. (Started in 2010)


Development of molecular super-resolution imaging technology for bio-medical data analysis. (Started in 2010)


Creating innovative human normal and disease models controlling 3D structure on the cell level. (Started in 2010)


Formulation of Innovation Center of Advanced Interdisciplinary Reseach-Area

The Program for Realization of Photonics Advanced Research Center (Started in 2007)
Creation of Innovation Centers for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research Areas


Frontier Research Base for Global Young Researchers (Started in 2006)
Improvement of Research Environment Improvement for Young Researchers


Content Engineering for Social Use of Sensing Information (Started in 2007)
(Requirement Specification-Based Sensor Selection and Sensing Information Presentation)


Development of Nanosensor Molecules
for Visualization of Biological Molecules
(Started in 2006)
Effective and Efficient Promotion for Cooperation of Science and Technology Policies


Development of Personnel for Environmental Risk Management (Started in 2004)
Personnel Development in New Areas


Ultra-Coherent Biological Phase Difference Electron Microscopy (Started in 2003)

MEXT Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology


Nanospintronics Design and Realization (Started in 2002)
MEXT Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology


Frontier Research Center Concept (Started in 2001)
Strategic Research Center Education


Global COE(Center of Excellence)Programs

Global Education and Research Center for Bio-Environmental Chemistry (Started in 2007)


Center of Excellence for Advanced Structural and Functional Materials Design (Started in 2007)


Center for Electronic Devices Innovation (Started in 2007)


Center of Excellence for Atomically Controlled Fabrication Technology (Started in 2007)


21st Century COE program

Center for Atomistic Fabrication Technology (Started in 2003)


Center of Excellence for Advanced Structural
and Functional Materials Design
(Started in 2002)


Initiatives for Attractive Education in Graduate Schools

International Creative Education Program
in Advanced Science and Biotechnnology
(Started in 2006)


Training Program for Advanced Communication Specialists (Started in 2006)


Pioneering Integrated Education and Research Program (Started in 2005)


Menter System and Project-based Leader Training Program
for Enhancing Practical Skills
(Started in 2005)


Graduate Education Program of Design and Integration Capability (Started in 2005)


Support Program for Contemporary Educational Needs

Development of Contents Contributing to
the Development of International Professionals
(Started in 2005)


Development of City Renovation Designers (Started in 2004)


Support Program for Improving Graduate School Education

International Collaboration Program of Graduate School
for Faculty Development
(Started in 2008)


Education Program of Multidisciplinary Engineering Capability
for Complex System Design
(Started in 2007)


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