School Divisions

  • The Division of Applied Science seeks to educate students so that they scientifically understand the natural phenomena occurring in various aspects of engineering, to clarify fundamental phenomena through the integration of various natural sciences, and to apply such knowledge to engineering matters. The students of this division take lectures covering a broad range of basic natural sciences, as well as lectures on the fundamentals of engineering.

  • The Division of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Science intends to educate undergraduate students to realize sustainable social development. The course work and research activities contain analysis and synthesis which cover mechanical engineering, materials developments and product manufacturing.

  • This division offers basis of electronics & information technologies including flexible, high-speed, and reliable transmission of electrical signals, information and energy, as well as computer operated system technologies. Our research includes 5G technologies, smart grid, nano-technologies, multimedia, bio-technologies and robotics. We are working on these researches to protect people and the earth, and to enrich our living environments.

  • Environmental Engineering

    Nuclear Science and Energy Engineering

    The Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering was newly established in 2005 for education and the research leading to the establishment of a sustainable society. Environment and energy are important life bases of human beings, and their deterioration is the most important issue that we are facing. The education/research organizations and curriculum are designed to achieve synergy by uniting the academic fields on “Environment” and “Energy.”

  • This division is aimed at giving students the capability to understand various theories and praxis required for sustainable development of the human society and for creation of large-scale structures and space which are beautiful, strong, useful, and friendly to the global environment. Students are also required to attain the ability to find and resolve associated problems on their own, and to develop and establish a new global field. From the second grade, each student will proceed to one of the three courses shown below.