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School/Graduate School of Engineering Gallery

This facility introduces the history of the School of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering as well as the latest research materials.

The purpose of the gallery is to demonstrate the appeal of engineering to a broad audience and to promote interest in science and technology. For this purpose, it uses wall panels that show the history of the schools; explanatory panels that describe the current research, educational activities, and cutting-edge research results; and case displays showing prototypes, research samples, and other items of interest.

Please visit anytime on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00.

1F Lobby, GSE Common West (U1W),
School/Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 Japan

Historical Museum


  • Osaka University
    Vacuum Tube Computer

  • Vacuum Tube
    Analog Computer(Made by NEC)

  • The First Japanese
    Electron Microscope
    (Reformed Mark-I)

  • The Third Japanese
    Electron Microscope

  • Ampere Balance
    (Kelvin Type)(Made in UK)

  • Oscillograph(Made by the company that is now Yokogawa Electronic Corporation)

  • Milliampere meter / Voltmeter / Ammeter / Power-factor meter (The power-factor meter was made in the USA.)

  • EVLIS Machine


  • c. 1896
    Osaka Technology School
    (Facing the Main Hall),
    Tamae-bashi South End

  • c. 1901
    Chemistry Laboratory at Osaka Technological Higher School

  • c. 1901
    School Gate of Osaka
    Technological Higher School

  • c. 1901
    Launching Ceremony at the Department of Shipbuilding,
    Osaka Technological Higher School

  • 1915
    Scene from the Founding Anniversary at Osaka
    Technological Higher School

  • c. 1929
    Front of the Old Osaka Technological College

  • c. 1931
    Tsuboi Memorial Hall

  • 1932
    Outline of the Old Osaka Technological College

  • c. 1933
    Main Gate of the Osaka Imperial University School of Engineering (Higashinoda Campus)

  • c. 1936
    School of Engineering Higashinoda Campus Main Building

  • c. 1936
    School of Engineering Higashinoda Campus Main Building

  • c. 1939
    Electron Microscope (Mark-I) Developed by the School of Engineering

  • 1940
    The Largest Wind Tunnel Laboratory in Japan at that Time (Disaster Science Laboratory)

  • 1944
    Higashinoda Campus under Bombing by B29 (Source: The Mainichi Newspapers)

  • 1946
    Main Gate at the School of Engineering Hirakata Campus

  • 1946
    Hirakata Campus

  • c. 1965
    Aerial Photograph of the Osaka University School of Engineering Higashinoda Campus

  • c. 1965
    The Second Experimental Tanks (Higashinoda Campus)

  • c. 1968
    Suita Campus under Construction

  • 1970
    Overall View of the Osaka University Suita Area

  • 1995
    Aerial Photograph of the Suita Area