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School calendar for academic year 2020

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KOAN Portal
Ground and Tennis Court Reservation System
Career Support Web
Center for International Affairs, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
Support Office for International Students sand Scholars

The Support office offers assistance and provides information for international students, scholars and their families, on such matters as visa procedures, the search for accommodations, and other necessary procedures, focusing its service on prior to and soon after arrival in Japan.

Techno-Net Web Osaka University Engineering Society

Support for International Students

Visa and Residence Status

【Procedures before Entering Japan】

About visa and CESR
CESR Application Procedure
CESR WEB Application System

【Necessary Immigration Procedure during Your Stay】

Extension of Period of Stay, Work Permit etc.

Student Support Affairs Section helps each student go through the procedure of visa extension etc. Please briefly read the content of the above website, and then visit AISS for more details.

Tuition and Application for Fee Exemption

Tuition, Matriculation and Exam Fee
Exemptions and Results

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Information

Housing Information




The support website provided from Joint guarantee agency for room rent, to foreign exchange students / foreign researchers who are applying for a rental housing.