Financial Support

For all Students

Tuition, Matriculation and Exam Fee

Support Program at OU

※Only regular students are eligible to apply for fee exemption.
Research students, special research students, and special auditors may not apply for exemption.

Exemptions and Results

Scholarships for International Students

Support Program at Graduate School of Engineering

◆Scholarship from Private Organizations etc.

For details of each scholarship, please check the KOAN message board as follows.

KOAN message board→Notice Message Board→Scholarship Support
Please search for 【Scholarship/Engineering】.

※You can also search for information on scholarships offered in the past.

For Graduate Students

◆Support from Graduate Education Programs

Honors Program for Graduate Schools in Science, Engineering and Informatics System 

Program for Leading Graduate Schools

Support  for Doctoral Students

◆From Graduate School of Engineering

Scholarship for Doctoral Students, Graduate School of Engineering

This is an original Graduate School of Engineering support for an amount equivalent to the annual tuition fee.

Support Program for 1st Year Doctor Course Students (RA)

Students who were notified of non-selection as JSPS Research Fellowship and whose evaluations were favorable will be accepted as RAs and financially supported.

◆From MEXT

Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation (SPRING)

JST Fellowship Program for Pre-doctoral Researchers


◆Working at OU

TA/TF System 

◆Research Fellowship of JSPS

Research Fellowships for Young Scientists(DC2・DC1)