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Dean, School of Engineering, Osaka University BABAGUCHI Noboru Dean, School of Engineering, Osaka University
Dean, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University


The kanji character "工" has a very simple structure consisting of two upper and lower horizontal strokes and one vertical stroke. It is said that the upper, the lower, and the vertical strokes represent the heaven, the earth, and the bridge between them, respectively. Engineering, written as "工学", is a study for creating products, conceptual designs, and environments that could be useful for the human society, referring to the law of nature. Science and technology has been rapidly developing since the 17th century when modern science was established. In particular, the emergence of computers in the middle of the 20th century has significantly accelerated the social change, and "工学" is now opening a door to a super-smart society.

School of Engineering, Osaka University celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2016. Since its founding, we pioneered a lot of promising fields from our unique perspective as well as core engineering fields, and thus established Japan-first brand-new departments. Nowadays, we have five undergraduate divisions: Applied Science, Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Science, Electronic and Information Engineering, Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering, and Global Architecture. School of Engineering has become among the largest in Japan accepting 820 new students every year.

Graduate School of Engineering is the main body of education and research at Osaka University, consisting of ten divisions/departments and six research centers. More than 170 laboratories cover diverse areas to aim at solving all the problems in our society. Every year, 790 students enter the Master course at the Graduate School, about 80% of whom are graduated from School of Engineering. In addition, many foreign students from over 50 countries are included in Ph.D. candidates. The faculty members and graduate students are enthusiastically co-working to pursue the top-level researches.

It should be noted that we placed strong emphasis upon “Industry-Academia Collaboration,” and were seeking how the students learn "Innovation" that creates new values. As a result, our past leaders designed the Joint Research Chairs and Research Alliance Laboratories, embodying the concept of “Industry on Campus.” These are known as Osaka University’s system, and have got widespread in Japan. We are very proud of the originality and foreseeability of our leaders. Recently, we have further launched a flexible scheme for education and research named “Techno-Arena”, which is characterized by a wide range of collaboration, in order to challenge the newly appeared research topics of great significance. Our research achievements and human resource development based on "Industry-Academia Collaboration" are highly evaluated from various aspects.

Osaka University was selected as a Designated National University Corporation in 2018. We should act as one of the world's leading innovative universities contributing to the global social change. School/Graduate School of Engineering will stand on the front line of our university, and focus on the future stage of the super-smart society, practicing "Innovation on Campus together with Industry."

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