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Dean, School of Engineering, Osaka University TANAKA Toshihiro
We, Graduate School of Engineering,
supports you to realize "your future filled with hope"

Graduate School and School of Engineering have strove for "Contribution to society as a unique cutting-edge organization as Number One aimed to expand our roles in the international stage with many shining talented One & Only individuals by means of trustworthy education, unparalleled creation and promotion of knowledge and wisdom, and universally appreciated education and research activities".

20th century achieved a remarkable development in our industrial society by the outstanding innovation in "Engineering." On the other hand, social problems such as global warming, world population explosion, consequent food crisis, and depletion of energy resources and rare metals have posed a serious global challenge. With the use of engineering power, a university has to secure affluence and to concurrently establish a safe and peaceful society under the harmonious accord between the invaluable globe and mankind. Our Graduate School and School of Engineering continue to play a vital role to materialize "dreams into shape" through taking advantage of our newly gained knowledge and wisdom in our daily activities.

School of Engineering of Osaka University was founded as Osaka Technology School by the then government and Osaka Prefecture in 1896. It was then incorporated into Osaka Imperial University in 1933 which became the foundation of today's School of Engineering Osaka University. Though the then School was of 6 departments: Mechanical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Zymurgy, Metallurgy, Ship building, and Electric Engineering, afterward added unique department: Precision Engineering, Communication Engineering, Welding Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electric Control Engineering, and Information Engineering, one after another, developed to one of topnotch Engineering Schools among Japanese universities.

In the School of Engineering, most graduated students go on to postgraduate school and strive to become highly advanced self-determining professionals. In order to achieve this objective, we reformed the previous 20 major educational constitution in the 24 style with 4 new cross-major specialties for the purpose of the qualitative conversion of engineering education under the prioritization of Graduate School during 1995 – 1998 toward active research based education. In 2004 Osaka University was converted into a national university corporation. In the same year, we established a Business Engineering course to foster a new breed of engineers who are also capable of business administration and management in collaboration to the Graduate School of Economics.

In the following year of 2005, by using our advantage as Engineering School to our total benefit, we further developed cross-major educational institution to provide a wide variety of research programs in broader fields and, consequently, we reduced the 24 major constitution in the slim 10 style with a goal to offer varied but focused educational research.
In 2006, School of Engineering in consideration of consistency with Graduate School was reborn in 5 department School: Applied Nature Science, Applied Science Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Environment-Energy Engineering, and Global Architecture. Thus, to meet demand of the times, School and Graduate School of Engineering as research based university are contriving various measures to create and present highly advanced knowledge and wisdom welcomed in the international level. School and Graduate School of Engineering with varied and excellent staff take pride in our contribution for the orientation and assistance in various educational activities of respective fields to help create the hopeful future for mankind. We will be continuing to exert to our effort toward the self-sustained 21th century.

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