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The School of Engineering more than 120 years after its founding

Just as Osaka University has developed in close cooperation with the local communities, the School of Engineering has also developed and grown together with local communities and local industries in Osaka ever since its beginning as the Osaka Technology School.

The history of this school began with the founding of the Osaka Technology School in Tamae-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka in 1896. Osaka at that time was growing rapidly not only as a center of commerce, but also in industries such as textiles and shipbuilding, and the government and private citizens joined together at this time to establish a technology school. Counting from this date, the Osaka University School of Engineering reached its 120th anniversary in 2016.

In 1929, this school was re-launched as the Osaka Technological College. Two years after the founding of Osaka Imperial University in 1931, the Osaka Technological College was incorporated into Osaka Imperial University and became the Osaka Imperial University School of Engineering. It started at that time with six departments, however seeing the needs of the industrial world and future growth potential, in the succeeding years it added other departments which the Imperial University lacked, such as precision engineering, communications, and welding. In this way, the foundation of the current School of Engineering was created.

Although most of the university buildings were burned during the Second World War, in 1947 the school changed its name to the Osaka University School of Engineering, and in 1949 it reopened as part of a new university. The organization and facilities were gradually expanded and in 1970, the school finished relocating to the Suita Campus in Yamadaoka, Suita-shi. The Suita Campus continues to be highly rated among national universities for its educational environment.

Graduate school reform and department reorganization

The College of Liberal Arts was abolished in 1994, and the School of Engineering was changed to an integrated 4-year curriculum. In 1995, the university began reforms aimed at further expanding its graduate school. One of the key points of these reforms was transferring the faculty who previously belonged to the School of Engineering and also taught at the graduate school to the graduate school, where they were given a broad-ranging platform for education at the School of Engineering, while further expanding the education and research at the graduate school.

These reforms were carried out in stages from 1995 to 1998, as the departments were reorganized and the systems for graduate school education were prepared. By 1998, the School of Engineering had completed its reorganization that changed the focus to the graduate school.

Features of the School of Engineering

With this history and the graduate school reforms that were carried out, the School of Engineering retains a number of traditional features.

A university born from the needs of industry

First is the school's tradition of practical learning.
Unlike the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University, which were from their beginning founded on plans of the central government, the Osaka Technology School, the predecessor of the School of Engineering, was founded as a powerful cooperative effort between the industry of the time and the government.
We continue to pass down this tradition inherited from the time of our founding.

A diverse range of departments found in no other university

Second is the unique departments of the school.
The School of Engineering was the first in Japan to establish specialized academic departments for fields such as fermentation, welding, communications, and the environment.
The nature of Osaka with its comparatively unrestricted atmosphere and our course of development in close cooperation with local industries has produced a unique set of departments that is not restrained by orthodox department structures.
The school is filled with a progressive style, and even the department names are not limited by convention, and both the department names and the contents of research and learning are constantly being updated.

A large pipeline to the local community and governments

The third feature is our close cooperative relationships with local communities and governments.
We utilize a range of opportunities to maintain our important relationships with local communities, including the holding of courses that are open to the public, and university-Industry collaboration projects at the Center for Advanced Science and Innovation.




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