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The School and Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka University feature students and faculty members of unique personality and outstanding originality. To develop the school and the graduate school into the world-class institutes, faculty members are working to realize the following three visions:

Trustworthy education (Guarantee) Unparalleled intellectual creation (Superiority) Contribution to society through education/research activities valued by society (Evaluated)

To achieve these visions, at the School/Graduate School we pledge that we will commit to our day-to-day activities in compliance with the following principles:

● Providing trustworthy and reliable educational programs(fulfilling our educational responsibility)● Building a creative environment that stimulates intellectual curiosity(creating and integrating knowledge)● Fostering trans-organizational partnerships(promoting cooperation and collaboration)● Promoting advanced, creative sciences(ensuring high-level specialization)● Introducing diverse perspectives to evaluation and other activities(encouraging diversification and self-development)● Contributing to society with a strong sense of mission(fulfilling social responsibility)● Developing into the world-class school/graduate school,and fostering engineers with global perspectives(fostering future leaders and leadership)

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