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Collaborative Research Projects
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Collaborative Research Projects in Graduate School of Engineering

Collaborative research projects are intended to make the Graduate School of Engineering a research institution on the top level worldwide which attracts outstanding researchers to its research activities that make use of the distinctive characteristics of local communities and which have unique academic features. The organization which operates these projects was established as an organization capable of both independent and collaborative research projects.
At present, the 15 research projects shown below have been launched.

As of May 1,2019

Kotozukuri Consortium for Cell Manufacturability


Frontier Biotechnology Research Initiative


Innovations Based on Molecular Technology


Organofluorine Interdisciplinary Research Center

Research Initiative for Nano Analysis

Universal Quantum Design Strategic Research Initiative


LiveMechX Research Initiative


Initiative for Conceptualization of Integrative Systems Study

International and interdisciplinary platform for biological effect of radiation


Ship Safty Research Initiative


Research Initiative for Reduction of Natech (Natural hazard triggering technological disasters) in Osaka Bay area

Research Initiative for Smart Aging City

Research Initiative for University-industry collaborative Techno-Biz

Research Initiative for opt-metro-manufacturing

International Research Hub for Advanced Plasma Sciences


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