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Joint Research Chair / Research Alliance Laboratories
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Joint Research Chair

A joint research chair is a research organization created within Osaka University using funds provided by an outside company or other institution. The joint research chair system is intended to promote the creation of high-grade research results. In addition to the funds, the university also receives researchers and other resources from the company, and the Osaka University faculty works together with the company researchers on an equal basis to carry out joint research. This system enables Osaka University to expand its research and contribute to society by maintaining long-term research centers, operated jointly with the industrial world, in academic areas which meet the diverse needs of and contribute to the advancement of society.

Joint research chairs are established in order to conduct joint research, and the research is their highest priority. These independent research organizations established at Osaka University carry out research that is coordinated by the university and by the company funding the research, and are characterized by the flexibility and fast pace of their research activities. This system aims to produce results that are different from conventional joint research systems or endowed chairs.

As of August 2019

Graduate School of Engineering

Jul. 2006 Microwave Chemistry Joint Research Chair

Apr. 2008 Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory of
Manufacturing Converging Technologies

Oct. 2008 Welding and Maintenology Joint Research Chair

Apr. 2011 Production Technology Laboratory for Device of Creation / Storage / Conservation Energy

Jul. 2011 NEXCO-West Joint Research Chair for Expressway Engineering and Management

Apr. 2014 Imabari Shipbuilding Joint Research Chair

Jul. 2014 Cell Manufacturing Systems Engineering(Healios)Joint Research Chair

Apr. 2017 Joint Research Laboratory (TOPPAN) for Advanced Cell Regulatory Chemistry

Apr. 2017 SiC Application Technology Joint Research Chair

Apr. 2018 RORZE Lifescience Joint Research Chair for Cell Culture Engineering

Apr. 2018 OPTORUN Joint Reserch Chair

Apr. 2019 Joint Research Chair on Design for Advanced Medical System

May. 2019 Future Biomedical Micro Machine

Research Alliance Laboratories

Research bases to deploy various university-industry collaboration by attracting research organizations of enterprises to Osaka University. Enterprises and Osaka University facilitate industrialization of research achievements, improve sophistication of research activities, and nurture human resources, by utilizing mutual research information, technologies, human resources and facilities at the common place.

As of August 2019

Graduate School of Engineering

Jul. 2011 Kaneka Fundamental Technology Research Alliance Laboratories

Jul. 2011 Nitto Denko Advanced Technology Cooperative Research Center

Apr. 2012 Panasonic Science Research Alliance Laboratories

Oct. 2012 Hitz Research Alliance Laboratory

Apr. 2015 Komatsu MIRAI Construction Equipment Cooperative Research Center

Apr. 2016 Daikin Research Alliance Laboratories

Apr. 2017 Nippon Shokubai Research Alliance Laboratories

Sep.2017 NTN Next Generation Research Alliance Laboratory

Jun.2018 Hitachi Plant Services Research Alliance Laboratories

Nov.2018 ULVAC-Osaka University Joint Research Laboratory for Future Technology

Apr.2019 Nippon Steel Fundamental Materials Research Alliance Laboratories

Aug.2019 Omics Innovation Research Laboratories

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