Events [7/4-7/8: 10:00 to 17:00] : “Swedish Dads”and “Talk Events”

[7/4-7/8: 10:00 to 17:00] Don’t miss this opportunity!An exhibition that will open your eyes to a different perspective! For a limited time, see how Sweden, the 7th happiest country in the globe, builds an inclusive family structure that is aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) in this exhibition hosted by the Center for International Affairs(CIA office), Graduate School of Enginnering. This exhibition aims to: 
1) Deliver a clear message regarding gender equality and how both parents, especially dads could be more involved about their children’s education and growth period.
2) Show Osaka University students how is it to live in Swedish territory, promoting their motivation to study abroad. 

Swedish Dads

Event (July4, July6)

In order to do this, during the exhibition, we will have an opening event and a special guests that will host roundtable discussions with the participants. 
All roundtables will be hosted from 18:10 pm on Monday 4th, and Wednesday 6th
If you are coming from a campus different from Suita, do not forget you can take the campus bus to reach here!
Lastly, we are pleased to inform you that the speakers will be the following:

1) Monday 4th: 18:10 ~19:10 Opportunities for studying abroad {Opening event }
2) Wednesday 6th: 18:10~19:50  Emeritus Professor Judy Noguchi from Kobe Gakuin University and secret guests
Topic: Let’s talk cultural difference!
Do not miss this opportunity! 
Remember you do not need to register for this event and the entrance is free!


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