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The Center for Future Innovation (CFi) at the Graduate School of Engineering responds quickly to the challenges and needs of an increasingly diverse and complex society. Furthermore, CFi supports the generation of interdisciplinary scientific fields that will produce new innovations to solve various problems as well as to create future society, and promote the development of the next generation of research leaders. CFi especially addresses the following points:

[1] Planning and management of the TechnoArena, which responds quickly to social issues and needs, contributes to the creation of future society, and develops interdisciplinary research fields, along with implementing education related to such fields
[2] Promotion of the tenure-track program, support for researchers who will be leaders of the next generation, promotion of industry, government and academia collaboration, introduction of the University Research Administrator (URA) and Institutional Research (IR) to strengthen the research capabilities of the entire Graduate School of Engineering
[3] Practice to improve the educational capability of the Graduate School of Engineering by implementing industry-academia-government co-creation education, advanced interdisciplinary studies, and recurrent education

CFi consists of four areas: the area of TechnoArena, the area of planning research capability, the area of planning education capability, and the area of planning management capability to efficiently execute these [1]-[3] issues and enhance management capability by means of funding acquisition.
In the Area of TechnoArena, in addition to the Center of Excellence in Advanced Research Division, Incubation Division, and Excellent Young Researcher Support Division, we have established a Public Relations Strategy Division to accelerate public relations activities related to the TechnoArena.

Professor HARA Keishiro
Assistant Professor FUCHIGAMI Yukari

At Hara Laboratory, we study the design of social systems and technologies to address complex and long term issues related to the future and create a sustainable society. We also apply these systems and methodologies to policy design and the development of social and technological systems, and through co-creation among industry, academia, and government, we will implement various practices related to solving social issues and creating a sustainable society. Specifically, we aim to build a new foundation for social engineering that explicitly incorporates the “future” by using academic and engineering approaches to deepen “Future Design,” which refers to the design and implementation of social systems to pass on a sustainable society and environmental resources to future generations.