Graduate School of Engineering > Division of Global Architecture > Social Infrastructure Engineering Area
Associate Professor TSUTSUMI Seiichiro
Assistant Professor TERASAWA Koki

Improvement of maintenance manner for existing structures and application of highly-durable materials to newly-built structures are required to achieve the long service life of infrastructure. Advanced technology contributed to infrastructure design and maintenance is studied in our laboratory. Research topics are as follows;

  1. Nondestructive inspections and monitoring technology
  2. Repair and reinforcement of structural members (e.g. Fiber reinforced concrete)
Associate Professor HIROHATA Mikihito
Assistant Professor KAMEI Yoshinori

The Laboratory of Structural Engineering strongly contributes to the development of structural design codes and bridge constructions based on an original elasto-plastic finite displacement analysis method and precise experiments. Moreover, in collaboration with governments, design offices and fabricators, promotion of advanced technology for long life span and rehabilitation of metropolitan infrastructures, and improvement of structural performances are current topics of the laboratory.

Professor INUI Toru
Assistant Professor OGATA Sho

Soil and ground play vital roles in infrastructure development, water resources and its circulation, ecosystems, disposal of waste, and supply of energy resources. To realize sustainable utilization of the geo-environment, we conduct research and technical development related to soil and rock mass aimed at construction and maintenance of earthen structures that are stable against heavy rainfall and earthquake, beneficial use of waste/recycled materials, waste containment, remediation of contaminated site, geological repository of high-level radioactive waste, and development of geothermal reservoir.