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Associate Professor INOUE Yoshiaki

As represented by such terms as cloud'' andbig data,” the maturation of information networks has led to the integration of information processing and data communication. Our laboratory studies robust design of network systems that can provide appropriate information/communication services to users at any time regardless of being in normal or emergency situations. Although we conduct our research on diverse topics in the network system design, we take consistent approaches to them which are firmly grounded in mathematical theory, including the queueing theory, Markov analysis, stochastic geometry, and mathematical optimization.

Associate Professor MISHINA Ken
Assistant Professor HISANO Daisuke

To meet the ever-growing bandwidth demand, our mission is to drastically improve capacity, flexibility, spectrum/energy efficiency, and security of photonic networks based on the advanced optical switching and transmission technologies. Our development takes place in all domains from access and mobile front-haul, through metropolitan, to long-haul transmission.