Graduate School of Engineering > Division of Mechanical Engineering > Complex Mechanics Area
Assistant Professor ADACHI Kanta

We are developing new functional materials using acoustic techniques originally developed in our laboratory and conducting research to realize an affluent society, such as the development of an ultra-sensitive hydrogen gas sensor. We are also conducting research to elucidate the mechanics and mechanisms of deformation and fracture of micro- and nano-materials, and to establish material mechanics and material strength science in micro- and nano-materials.

Associate Professor DOI Yusuke

Establishment of computational theory and methodology of multiscale dynamics for microscopic open systems, which incorporates surrounding environmental effects to isolated systems.

Associate Professor TSUJI Takuya
Associate Professor WASHINO Kimiaki

Flows including solid particle are seen in a wide range of industrial equiput and in nature. It shows very complex and intriguing bahaviors due to the structure formation by particles. We perform studies to advance our understandings on the flow physics and to develop reliable numerical models. Application studies based on these fundamentals are also our scope of study.

Associate Professor MORI Naoki
Assistant Professor Liu Lijun

Based on analytical studies of elastic wave and ultrasonic wave in solid media, new material evaluation technique and sensing technique have been developed. In particular, studies on guided wave propagating in plate-like structures range from research of new calculation technique to development of advanced non-contact vibration measurements such as laser ultrasonics and air-coupled ultrasonics.