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The computational approach using computers, which is called the third paradigm, is not only meeting the increasingly severe needs of society regarding materials, but is also enabling to provide seeds to society. In this laboratory, we have been developing new materials by utilizing computational materials science methods from atomic to macroscopic scales, and by organically connecting them with experiments and theories to construct new materials design strategies that are not confined to existing theories.

Associate Professor SHIRATSUCHI Yu
Assistant Professor TOYOKI Kentarou

Our reseach topics is nano materials toward future electronics devices such as memory, storage and logic based on the high-quality thin film fabrication. Designing materials which do not exist naturally, fusion of electron chage and magnetism etc…, enjoy materials science in nano-world!

Associate Professor SATO Kazuhisa

This research group is investigating the relationship between microstructures and material properties using advanced transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy with nanometer and nanosecond scales. The research subjects include materials design by elucidating inhomogeneity such as lattice defects, low dimensional materials, metastable states formed by electronic excitations, and so on. We are conducting education and research aimed at elucidating universal common principles that approach the basis of materials science.

Professor ARAKI Hideki
Associate Professor MIZUNO Masataka

Positrons allow us to examine the atomic-scale internal structure of materials. We have examined the origin of excellent properties of metallic materials such as hydrogen storage alloys and aluminum alloys in automotive applications and ceramics materials such as perovskite-type metal oxides, by using positron annihilation spectroscopy and computer simulation in order to design new materials.