Graduate School of Engineering > Division of Electrical, Electronic and Infocommunications Engineering > Integrated Electronics Area
Professor MORI Nobuya
Associate Professor MATSUOKA Toshimasa
Assistant Professor TANAKA Hajime

Our laboratory conducts theoretical research on novel materials and devices, and their applications in large-scale integrated electronic systems. The research topics cover a wide area from the basic semiconductor physics to the circuit and system design.

Associate Professor KANEMOTO Daisuke
Specially Appointed Professor HIGASHINO Hidetaka

To achieve high performance large scale integration (LSI) systems, that will be fundamental key devices for next generation IoT/AI society, we develop ultra-low power and low voltage LSIs, energy harvesting systems, and bio- and physical-sensor interface devices.

Professor YAGI Tetsuya
Assistant Professor SUEMATSU Naofumi
Guest Professor HAYASHIDA Yuki

The brains in animals realize intelligent computations on sensory information with algorithms and architectures that are quit different from those of the state-of-the-art digital computers. Our laboratort aims at investigating such computational principles and underlying mechanisms in the visual nervous system by utilizing various neuroscience methodologies, and at developing the bio-morphic electronic devices based on the knowledges from them. In addtion, we are recently making a strong effort to the basic research-and-development of the neural interface devices for artificial visual prostheses as the medical application.