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Assistant Professor SPIRRETT Fiona

By using three-dimensional printers for industrial use, artificial fish reefs with environmental affinities and petrous indoor walls for atmospheric control (Biotope Implants) are fabricated on investigation phases from mineral slags or inorganic shells discharged from industrial processes of steel refinements or food productions (Relict Resources).

The aim of this laboratory is to develop environmentally conscious smart technology to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing. In particular, this research focuses on the substitution of materials used in electronics assembly with non-toxic eco-materials and on the enhancement of the reliability of fine-pitch high-density packaging.

Associate Professor YANG Jinfeng
Assistant Professor GOUDO Masao

In the Quantum Beam Material Process Engineering Area, to achieve ultimate nanofabrication, the quantum-beam-induced ultrafast phenomena of materials have been investigated using femtosecond pulse radiolysis and a time-resolved electron microscope.

Professor YAMADA Yuki
Associate Professor KATAYAMA Yu
Assistant Professor KONDO Yasuyuki

Aiming to solve energy problems, we are developing materials and devices for energy storage, energy conversion, and electrosynthesis. Specifically, we are exploring new materials and reactions, analyzing reaction mechanisms, establishing new theories, and developing new devices.

Assistant Professor SHIMIZU Toshihiko

Our research themes are aimed at developing new optical materials useful in both science and engineering. With the use of lasers and spectroscopy techniques, we investigate the optical properties of different materials.
We also implement other experimental and theoretical investigations
regarding these materials with various collaborators both inside and outside Japan. Our studies on short-wavelength light-emitting materials have led to the advancement of new applications and next-generation industries.

Laser Energy Engineering Area [Institute of Laser Engineering]

Assistant Professor YAMANOI Kohei

We are engaged in research into laser fusion and its applications.In order to realize laser fusion plants, we study for efficiently generating high-temperature / high-density (high pressure) state by laser irradiation with large-scale laser facility and analysis with multidimensional simulation codes. Since high temperature / high density conditions such as those obtained by nuclear fusion are comparable to the interior of planets and stars in the universe, we can approach these properties and origins.
Our research includes laser plasma diagnostics, high dencity physics and its simulation.
Additionally, we study the interaction of radiation with optical materials in view of their application to radiation detectors, scintillators and fusion materials.