Graduate School of Engineering > Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering > Environmental Resources and Materials Area
Professor IKE Michihiko
Associate Professor INOUE Daisuke

Our laboratory focuses on science and technology for environmental conservation and purification as well as recovery of energy and resources from wastes/wastewaters using functions of microorganisms and plants. Biological technologies are ideal options as environmental technology due to the advantages of low cost, low energy and resource saving, and high environmental adaptability. Moreover, because microorganisms and plants can be recognized as renewable resources, i.e. biomass, it may be possible to develop a co-benefit process where environmental conservation and purification is linked to resource recovery/production. Our lab is developing a wide variety of techniques to solve the environmental problems just like a “supermarket” of environmental technologies.

Professor SATO Fuminobu
Associate Professor AKIYAMA Yoko
Assistant Professor MANABE Yuichiro (Adjunct)
Specially Appointed Researcher MORI Tatsuya

Our laboratory aim to solve the issues of the energy, the environment and the welfare by using radiation technology, magnetic force control technology and bioinstrumentation. The themes are as follows;
・The study on the evaluation of the effects of radiation on the materials, the biomaterials and the environment.
・The study on the environmental purification, the resource recovery and the minimally invasive treatment.
・The improvement of the quality of life (QOL) of human using bioinstrumentation.