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Assistant Professor ADACHI Kanta

We are developing new functional materials using acoustic techniques originally developed in our laboratory and conducting research to realize an affluent society, such as the development of an ultra-sensitive hydrogen gas sensor. We are also conducting research to elucidate the mechanics and mechanisms of deformation and fracture of micro- and nano-materials, and to establish material mechanics and material strength science in micro- and nano-materials.

Associate Professor DOI Yusuke

Establishment of computational theory and methodology of multiscale dynamics for microscopic open systems, which incorporates surrounding environmental effects to isolated systems.

Associate Professor TSUJI Takuya
Associate Professor WASHINO Kimiaki

Flows including solid particle are seen in a wide range of industrial equiput and in nature. It shows very complex and intriguing bahaviors due to the structure formation by particles. We perform studies to advance our understandings on the flow physics and to develop reliable numerical models. Application studies based on these fundamentals are also our scope of study.

Associate Professor MORI Naoki
Assistant Professor Liu Lijun

Based on analytical studies of elastic wave and ultrasonic wave in solid media, new material evaluation technique and sensing technique have been developed. In particular, studies on guided wave propagating in plate-like structures range from research of new calculation technique to development of advanced non-contact vibration measurements such as laser ultrasonics and air-coupled ultrasonics.

Assistant Professor OKABAYASHI Kie

We study the physics of fluid flow, mainly turbulence, fluid-solid interaction and interfacial phenomena, using numerical simulation. The study includes development of new numerical techniques and their application to practical systems. Potential application of our expertise covers broad situations from analysis of existing fluid machinery to development of brand-new mechanical complex.

Professor YANO Takeru
Associate Professor YAMAGUCHI Yasutaka
Assistant Professor INABA Masashi

Research in our group encompasses a wide range of nonlinear and nonequilibrium fluid phenomena from molecular to macroscopic scales, focusing on the fundamental aspect, and aiming at the establishment of novel nonlinear and nenequilibrium fluid mechanics.

Associate Professor SUZUKI Takahiro

Aiming at the technological advance of the next-generation energy conversion devices such as fuel cells and flow batteries, we perform rearch to elucidate chemical reaction and transport phenomena in the devices.

Associate Professor HORI Tsukasa
Assistant Professor SAWADA Shinya

Studies of the highly efficient and clean combustion, the plasma assisted combustion/ignition, the utilization of biomass, the ammonia combustion as an energy carrier, the effective use of combustion field are conducted in the combustion engineering laboratory of Osaka university.

Associate Professor FUJIWARA Kunio

We study principles of heat and mass transfer from nano- to macro-scale to make efficient use of heat energy from the view point of thermal engineering. (Key words) Control of heat and mass transfer, Control of thermophysical properties, Thermal resistance, Interfacial phenomena, Phase change phenomena, Nanostructed interface, Nanofluidics, Molecular simulation, Machine learning.

Professor FUJITA Kikuo
Associate Professor NOMAGUCHI Yutaka
Associate Professor YAJI Kentarou

This laboratory is in charge of research and education on theories, methodologies and computer-based techniques for rationalizing the process of product design and development. They are aimed to create superior innovative designs in a totally compromised way among values, functions, cost, time, etc. This laboratory delineates the four research directions, i.e., Products, Process, Function & Structure and System of Systems.

Precision Processing Subarea

Associate Professor SUGIHARA Tatsuya
Assistant Professor SATAKE Urara

Enomoto Laboratory conducts education and R&D activities of precision/ultra-precision machining, especially cutting, grinding and polishing. The targets of our laboratory are to “achieve ultimate manufacturing” and “create new values” in the precision processing area.

Associate Professor MIZUTANI Yasuhiro
Assistant Professor UENOHARA Tsutomu

We integrate nano measurement and fabrication in order to establish the highly developped nano production system. Our research are based on the laser applied measurement and fabrication techniques. One of the typical research topics is developping nano-CMM system for nano in-process measurement. Optical radiation force is applied for controlling the sensitive non-contact probe in the integrated nano maching system. This probe is expected to realize better than 10nm resolution during 3-D coordinate measureing.

Assistant Professor MURATA Hidenori

This laboratory conceptualizes the nature of artifact systems desirable for a sustainable society and systematizes design methodologies for artifact life cycles and product service systems from the environmental, social, and economic aspects. The basis of our research is design engineering, life cycle engineering, and ecology.

Professor INO Shuichi
Associate Professor YOSHIMOTO Shunsuke

We are studying various types of quality-of-life technologies based on human physiology, psychophysics, and biomedical engineering that can support the daily life and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and elderly individuals through multidisciplinary collaboration. The research areas include assistive technologies for eating, mobility, and communication, healthcare techniques for prevention of frailty and lifestyle diseases as well as sensing and actuation devices for human augmentation.

Associate Professor MINAMI Yuki
Assistant Professor MASUDA Yoichi

Walk, Swim, Rock and Roll —. We exploit every aspect of “motion”, with full aid of deepest understanding in classical mechanics, dynamical system theory, nonlinear control, robotics, mechatronics, or even in zoology, linguistics, etc. Our recent interest is centered at the principle of locomotion, induced by contact constraint between the body and its environment. We equally put importance on unbiased observation, mathematical thinking and rapid manufacturing.

Professor OSUKA Koichi
Associate Professor SUGIMOTO Yasuhiro
Associate Professor ISHIHARA Hisashi
Assistant Professor SUEOKA Yuichiro
Specially Appointed Associate Professor WADA Teruyo
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor TSUNODA Yusuke

We are trying to understand the secret and essence of control principle of motion intelligence of wide variety of dynamical systems including living things. To do so, we understand the dynamical systems from a view point of Control Methodology. Then, we construct a new design principle of control system for artificial or natural controlled object.

Focusing on interaction between machine and object, we try to create novel mechanical systems with considering intelligent informatics. We develop new technologies on robotics and mechatronics for mainly manipulation, and construct basic theory, numerical simulation method, and real machine. In addition, we tackle interdisciplinary researches between engineering and the other scientific fields to understand human behaviors and artificially reproduce them by mechanical systems.

We have demonstrated an environmentally robust biotic-abiotic robotic system that uses living components, called “Cellular Build Up Wet Nano Robotics”. To utilize robust biological components as a functional systems and self assembly process and their emergent functionality, and to build up such a soft and wet machines will lead us an innovative fundamental change and produce a new principle and design to future man-made systems.

Professor SATOH Satoshi

We are making research on the stability and control of spacecraft based on the spacecraft orbital and attitude dynamics and nonlinear control theory. We are developing an efficient orbital control and an agile attitude control of spacecraft using thrusters or control moment gyros.

Associate Professor SATO Yuji
Specially Appointed Researcher HIGASHINO Ritsuko
Specially Appointed Researcher MASUNO Shinichiro
Specially Appointed Researcher HORI Eiji

Fundamental studies are performed concerning joining, cutting, surface modification and removal processing with laser beams, aimed at advanced fusion between laser science and production engineering. We focus on clarification of welding or joining mechanisms and intelligent monitoring technology on the basis of the visualization of material processing phenomena with high-speed optical observation or X-ray transmission imaging techniques. Moreover, laser should be utilized with not only high thermal efficiency but also physicochemical effects induced by interaction between light and material. Thus we create innovative processes including laser cladding and selective laser melting, put these processes to practical use and disseminate achievements of our research to the world.

Professor UMEDA Junko
Associate Professor KARIYA Shota

Fundamental studies on materials functionalization by “atomic, nano and micro-scaled” materials design and its industrial application