Graduate School of Engineering > Department of Management of Industry and Technology > Industry-University-Government Co-Creation Area

This area allows graduate students to participate in industry-university-government joint research
activities by cooperating the Graduate School of Engineering with Joint Research Chairs and Research
Alliance Laboratories. The area newly involves “Internship on Campus”, which encourages the students to incorporate the joint research activities into the conventional graduate education. Students, who are accepted into the course, are assigned to an existing laboratory in each department.

At Hara Laboratory, we study the design of social systems and technologies to address complex and long term issues related to the future and create a sustainable society. We also apply these systems and methodologies to policy design and the development of social and technological systems, and through co-creation among industry, academia, and government, we will implement various practices related to solving social issues and creating a sustainable society. Specifically, we aim to build a new foundation for social engineering that explicitly incorporates the “future” by using academic and engineering approaches to deepen “Future Design,” which refers to the design and implementation of social systems to pass on a sustainable society and environmental resources to future generations.