School of Engineering > Division of Global Architecture > Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Professor MAKI Atsuo
Assistant Professor SAKAI Masahiro

This subarea investigates artificial intelligence to be applied to ship design and operation. For preventing sea disasters which could result in loss of many human lives as well as preserving marine ecosystem, ship dynamics and hydrodynamics are focused in the light of free-running model experiments, nonlinear dynamics, automatic control theories, random process theory, underwater acoustics and so on. The research results could contribute to development of autonomous ships, stability criteria against capsizing, and environment-friendly ships, which could realize smarter ship designs.

Assistant Professor TATSUMI Akira

This subarea deals with a wide range of research topics related to strength of ships and offshore structures. The research topics include ‘hydro-elastoplasticity problem of ship’, ‘Interaction between global (hullgirder) and local (e.g. double bottom) strength’, ‘behavior of structures for harnesing renewable energy under combned wind and wave loads’, ‘single-point-moored floating structure’, ‘strength analysis of deep-sea risers and drill pipes’, ‘aquacultural net’, ‘VLFS’, etc. The staffs and students amounting to about 25 in number are yielding new research findings every day.

Associate Professor SENGA Hidetaka
Assistant Professor Thant Zin Htun

In the Subarea of Marine Hydro- Science and Engineering, the education of basic hydrodynamics and applied fluid dynamics on ship and ocean application are provided. Hydrodynamic problems related to Ship hulls, underwater vehicles, underwater vehicle systems, renewable energy generation systems, seafloor drilling systems are investigated using CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics)including advanced code development, TFD(Theoretical Fluid Hydrodynamics) including explanation of new phenomena and EFD(Experimental Fluid Dynamics) including advanced image measurement system

Professor OSAWA Naoki
Associate Professor SAWAMURA Junji
Assistant Professor TAKEUCHI Takaaki

We pursue education and research on material and related technologies for asset integrity management of ships and offshore structures (fatigue and corrosion), design of ships and offshore structures in ice sea (maneuverability and structural response under ice load), fabrication technologies of large steel structures (curved plate forming, straightening, quality control).

Assistant Professor IIDA Takahito

With wave-body interactions as the core theme, the propulsion and seakeeping performance of ships in actual seas are studied in terms of theoretical analyses, numerical computations, wave-basin experiments, and onboard data analyses. As university-industry collaboration, “a prediction and analysis system for ship propulsion performance in waves” is developed by integrating analysis tools developed so far. In addition, we are also doing research on cloaking of a floating body, wave-energy absorption, and development of a floating platform for offshore wind-energy utilization.