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Associate Professor MACHIMURA Takashi
Assistant Professor MATSUI Takanori

Green Engineering for Global Environment lab aims to contribute United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) achievement by developing engineering technologies, especially focuses on Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, Goal 13: Climate Action, Goal 14: Life on Land, Goal 15:Life below Water. Our important perspective is to design the sustainable “nexus”, the interlinkage between Goals and targets, and we aim to inclusively optimize Social-Ecological Systems with multi temporal and spatial scales inb terms of “sustainable use of ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation towards establishing a harmonious society with nature. For our main technologies and tools, we have two main pillars;
(1) the mathematical process models of climate, ecosystems and society, and
(2) data science and artificial intelligence technology represented by machine learning. We are looking forward to your join.


Associate Professor YAMAGUCHI Yohei
Assistant Professor UCHIDA Hideaki

The energy-demand side is vitally important while performing an analysis of our energy system. The main themes investigated by this laboratory are the urban energy metabolism, evaluation of heat system performance, modeling and management of energy demand, and active utilization of energy demand in smart grids.

Professor MUTA Hiroaki
Associate Professor OHISHI Yuji
Associate Professor KITANO Katsuhisa

We study functional materials for thermal management with the aim of solving energy problems and realizing sustainable society. Thermoelectric, nuclear, and thermal storage materials are studied. We have experiences in fabrication of various materials and in characterization of their thermophysical properties. Computational studies are also conducted to theoretically predict or validate the experimental results.

Associate Professor YOSHIZAWA Shinya

Our laboratory focuses on developing technologies to address challenges in achieving a carbon-neutral society, particularly in the electric power sector. We aim to construct smart grids that facilitate the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources like photovoltaic power generation and electric vehicles.