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Panasonic Science Research Alliance Laboratories

Guest Professor NOBORI Kunio(Deputy Director)
Guest Professor SUZUKI Masaaki
Guest Associate Professor NAKAMINAMI Takahiro

Under the bland slogan of Panasonic Group, “Live Your Best”, our department provides a setting that combines with the potentials of Panasonic and Osaka University, including its research information, technologies, personnel, and facilities, and thereby makes a place for innovation that creates social changing new values. Furthermore, by combining research in a diverse range of fields, including engineering, science, medicine, economics, and psychology, through exchanges and collaboration, our department creates synergistic effects to enable top-level research and personnel development for both parties.

Specially Appointed Professor SUZUKI Nobuaki(Director)
Guest Professor KITAGAWA Akikazu
Guest Professor MINAMI Fumiyoshi
Guest Associate Professor SAITOH Hideki
Guest Associate Professor MIYAKE Toshihide
Guest Associate Professor YAMAZAKI Yosuke
Guest Associate Professor OHSHIMA Tsubasa

This Institute conducts collaborative research with the aim of building and strengthening the digitized fundamental technologies needed in a data-driven society. The digitization of the experience and intuition of skilled engineers, which is one of the fundamental technologies, requires the acquisition of data collection and analysis techniques, including experiments and simulations. We are promoting cross-faculty researches and developments with related laboratories in the Graduate School of Engineering and affiliated laboratories such as the Joining and Welding Reserch Institute and Cybermedia Center.

Specially Appointed Professor KURIYAMA Kazuya(Deputy Director)
Specially Appointed Associate Professor KONDO Daisuke
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor URA Daisuke
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor MAK Kwan Wai
Visiting Academic Staff OGAWA Tetsuya

As a base for joint research between Osaka University and Komatsu, we are engaged in improving the productivity of construction & production sites, to realizes automation, remoteness, and efficiency. In addition to utilizing ICT, we will collaborate with various laboratories in a wide range of fields such as control, image processing, sensors, simulation, and other data analysis by utilizing the viewpoints and ideas unique to universities, aiming for speedy establishment.

Specially Appointed Professor OHNISHI Tadashi (Director)
Guest Professor SATOH Kazuyuki

Always DAIKIN between “People” and “Air”

DAIKIN Collaboration Research Institute, which was founded as the former chemical research section of DAIKIN Industries, Ltd. in 2006, was established as a collaborative research project in Osaka University and has obtained many research results until now.
From early 2016, it aims to create fundamental technologies for the innovation of existing products or systems with the collaboration of the air conditioner section and other sections.
In order to continue creating a more comfortable living environment and earth environment, our company DAIKIN Industries now accelerates a challenge to next generation technologies, keeping our eyes wide open into the future from the viewpoint of people living there.

Specially Appointed Professor CHOSA Jun-ichi
Guest Professor MORII Katsuyuki
Visiting Researcher IMADA Motosuke
Visiting Researcher NISHIMURA Akira

In our research alliance laboratory, fused state-of-the-art of Osaka University technology and accumulated technology of Nippon Shokubai, is working on the creation of new products and technologies that are innovative and competitive.

Specially Appointed Associate Professor SAKAGUCHI Tomoya(Deputy Director)
Visiting Researcher ODA Atsushi
Visiting Researcher CHIKAE Shouhei
Visiting Researcher ITOU Motohiro
Visiting Researcher SEKIYA Tooru
Visiting Researcher FUJIWARA Hiroki
Visiting Researcher OJIRO Masaki
Visiting Researcher EGAWA Kouhei
Visiting Researcher HAYAMA Masaki
Visiting Researcher FUJII Kouji
Visiting Researcher TANAKA Ryouga

Our mission is to make a contribution to the stability and growth of the society for the next 100 years.
To aim at the transformation to co-creation, Osaka University and NTN are planning and carrying out research with open innovation.
Our institute is based on the “”N-type strategy.””
The strategy is made up a technology push vector and a vision-driven vector.

Visiting Researcher TAKEUCHI Masato
Visiting Researcher ISHIKAWA Ryo
Visiting Researcher KUNIYOSHI Mizuki
Visiting Researcher TODA Shintaro

In ULVAC-OSAKA University Joint Research laboratory for Future Technology, we perform the various studies based on the vacuum technology widely from the preservation of pharmaceutical products to film deposition equipments for the flat-panel display, semiconductor devices and LED devices. Through a framework of joint research with Osaka University, we work for the advanced personnel development, as well as the contribution to development of the science in the medical and engineering fields. We hope to establish networks formed by the interchange of mutual researchers.

Specially Appointed Professor MARUYAMA Naoki
Specially Appointed Professor OKAMURA Kazuo
Specially Appointed Professor YAMAMOTO Miyuki

In the evolution of the society and our lifestyles with the progress of science and technology, we will pursue the infinite ability of advanced recyclable steels to guarantee the safety and security in our life, on the representations of lightweight vehicles, high-rise buildings, and energy transportation materials.
We will develop a new multi-physics and multi-scale characterization techniques, resulting in the understanding of a dynamic deformation mechanism in steels, including the time dependent phenomenon. It is a key for us to make a good relationship among several kinds of laboratories in material science divisions.

Specially Appointed Professor(Director) IIDA Junko
Specially Appointed Professor(Deputy Director) NAKANISHI Hiroaki
Professor(Deputy Director) FUKUSAKI Eiichiro
Professor MATSUDA Fumio
Associate Professor SHIMMA Shuichi
Associate Professor OKAHASHI Nobuyuki
Associate Professor Sastia Prama Putri
Visiting Researcher HIRAMARU Daisuke

Metabolomics is the study on investigating comprehensively biological phenomena in vivo by analyzing exhauslive various metabolites generated by life activities. It is useful for elucidating complex systems such as disease prediction, drug discovery support, and food improvement based on scientific evidence. Our laboratories are collaborating with various professors at Osaka University, mainly in the field of metabolomics. Furthermore, since fiscal year 2021, Shimadzu has started the REACH Project, in which Shimadzu employees are dispatched as doctoral students, with the aim of further accelerating collaboration and early social implementation of research results.

PERSOL Industrial Human Resources Research Alliance Laboratory

Specially Appointed Professor MATSUSHIGE Hisakazu
Specially Appointed Researcher KUWAHARA Toshie
Guest Associate Professor KAKIZAWA Hisanobu
Guest Associate Professor UOTSU Rie
Guest Associate Professor WATANABE Keirou
Guest Researcher SAWADA Kanae

This research alliance laboratory was established in September 2021 to evaluate and develop human resources in biotechnology. Osaka University and Persol Tempstaff Corporation will work together to develop an evaluation method based on a job analysis and career visualization, to contribute to high-level human resources in the field of biotechnology.