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Associate Professor ISHITOBI Hidekazu

We carry out research on nano-biophotonics, a new research field that spans the fields of nanotechnology, biology, and photonics. We develop techniques to observe living cells and biomolecules with an ultra-high spatial-resolution and sensitivity by utilizing nanotechnology, vibrational spectroscopy, and non-linear photonics.

Associate Professor SUDO Kouichi
Associate Professor ARAKI Teppei
Assistant Professor TSURUTA Shuichi
Specially Appointed Professor TAMIYA Eiichi
Specially Appointed Associate Professor UEMURA Takafumi
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor NODA Yuki
Specially Appointed Researcher NEZU Toshikazu
Specially Appointed Researcher IIDA Hirokazu
Specially Appointed Researcher AKIYAMA Mihoko
Specially Appointed Researcher OHTA Hiroshi
Guest Associate Professor IZUMI Shintaro
Guest Associate Professor YOSHIMOTO Shusuke

In our laboratory, we study science that fuses the basic science and advanced technologies required to precisely control the molecular structure, electronic state, and physical properties of various organic materials and to apply these technologies to realizing flexible electronics and photonics. The goals of our laboratory are to study various topics from theories based on basic science, including mathematics and physics, to systems that contribute to society.