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Joint Research Laboratory of Microwave Chemistry

Professor YASUDA Makoto
Guest Professor TSUKAHARA Yasunori
Guest Associate Professor YOSHINO Iwao
Guest Associate Professor KURIHARA Hideshi
Visiting Researcher YAMAUCHI Tomohisa

Microwave Driven Chemistry
・Inorganic Reaction
  (Nanoparticle, Complex)
・Organic Reaction
(Suzuki-coupling, Esterification)
・Hybrid Catalyst

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory of Manufacturing Converging Technologies

Guest Professor IWAMOTO Takeshi

We revolutionize production engineering by converge the core manufacturing technologies such as bonding, forming and casting and more to keep international superiority in the manufacturing. We create innovative electric products by using the production engineering.

Welding and Maintenology Joint Research Chair

Specially Appointed Associate Professor YOSHIDA Natsuki
Guest Professor TAYAMA Satoshi

The NEXCO(West Nippon Expressway Company Limited) has obtained practical knowledge about the technology and management of the expressways thorough their constructing and operating over half century.
Based on the knowledge, we develop the state of the art technology to renovate the expressways that are required maintenance.
This course which started in July 2011 has carried out incorporating some results of one of the most advanced research by Osaka University
to the research of the NEXCO.

Specially Appointed Assistant professor LOUIS Fiona
Specially Appointed Researcher SASAKI Naoko
Guest Associate Professor KITANO Shiro
Guest Associate Professor IRIE Shinji
Visiting Researcher NAITO Yasuyuki
Visiting Researcher YOSHINOUCHI Yuka
Visiting Researcher SUZUKI Mizuho
Visiting Researcher HATTORI Koichi

Joint Research Laboratory (TOPPAN) for Advanced Cell Regulatory Chemistry carries out a cooperative research between laboratory of Industrial Organic Chemistry at graduate school of engineering, Osaka University and TOPPAN Printing CO., Ltd. We are going to develop and commercialize a novel cell regulation technology. In this laboratory, we focus on interaction between cell and synthetic polymer, natural polymer or protein to control cell adhesion, differentiation, proliferation, self-assembly and so on. In addition, we will apply these technologies to 3D tissue construction. 3D tissues are expected to be useful for high throughput drug assays and regenerative medicine.

SiC Applied Technology Joint Research Chair

Associate Professor KIM Mee-hae
Guest Associate Professor HATA Norihiko
Visiting Researcher TAKANO Atsushi
Visiting Researcher FUJIWARA Masatoshi
Visiting Researcher HARIMOTO Kenichi

This Joint Research Chair aims to improve repeatability, safety, stability, and productivity of cell culture for drug discovery screening, cell manufacture in regenerative medicine. To achieve this aim, this Joint Research Chair conducts research on mechanization of manual culture procedures, development of culture containers and instruments applicable for culturing equipment, and construct methodology of objective culture evaluation using cell images. In addition, we are engaged in research and development of culture systems incorporating these technologies.

Specially Appointed Associate Professor SAITOU Atsuhiro
Guest Professor SASAKI Tsuguo
Visiting Researcher MINO Taira
Visiting Researcher YOSHIDA Naoto

This joint research chair aims to establish the design of smart factories for advanced medicine such as regenerative medicine.
We acquire and analyze various data of cell culture and develop a manufacturing system of innovative regenerative medicine products that can utilize it in real time.
Furthermore, by linking medical data and product data, we aim to study and construct a system used for continuous quality improvement of products and treatment prediction.

Specially Appointed Researcher ISHIDA Kei
Guest Associate Professor NAKAMURA Tetsuji
Visiting Researcher OKUDA Jun
Visiting Researcher SAITO Machi
Visiting Researcher WATANABE Namiko
Visiting Researcher KAWAI Kosuke
Visiting Researcher NAKAMURA Kosuke
Visiting Researcher HOKKOKU Risa

To contribute to the commercialization of new regenerative medicine techniques, we develop technology and equipment for cell storage and transportation by combining Kino-oka lab’s know-how regarding stabilization of cell processing and Iwatani Corporation’s cryogenic engineering experience.

Professor(concurrently) SHIMODA Yoshiyuki
Professor(concurrently) FUNAKI Tsuyoshi
Professor(concurrently) MORITA Hiroshi
Associate Professor(concurrently) YAMAGUCHI Yohei
Associate Professor(concurrently) YOSHIZAWA Shinya
Specially Appointed Professor OTA Yutaka
Specially Appointed Professor IWATA Akihiro
Specially Appointed Associate Professor SAKAI Katsuya
Gest Professor KAGAWA Koji
Gest Researcher UCHIYAMA Masao
Gest Researcher YAMADA Nozomi

Mobility System Joint Research Chair is aiming at configuring comfortable, eco-friendlly, and sustainable smart city powered by e-Mobility. Research themes are on multi-modal mobility analysis, optimal charging infrastructure design for various electric fleet, and coupling analysis beyond mobility and energy sectors, and so on. Final target of the research chair is to create a prototype of smart city platform in foundation of versatile landscape of the city and community.

Specially Appointed Professor MORI Hiroaki
Specially Appointed Professor KAJIYA Yoshio
Guest Associate Professor SANO Hiroyuki
Visiting Academic Staff MIYAKE Junji
Visiting Researcher KAWAKAMI Akito
Visiting Researcher MUTO Yuki
Visiting Researcher WATANABE Hirofumi
Visiting Researcher MATSUOKA Yuki

 Responses to global climate change and the conservation of our terrestrial, atmospheric, and marine environments have become major issues in recent years. The creation of a circular economy has been proposed as a possible solution to these issues. As a result, the importance of nonferrous metal materials, such as copper and rare metals, that are used in electronic devices and other products is increasing significantly.
 This time, the Graduate School of Engineering at Osaka University, and the Company have decided to come together in a new industry-academia collaboration with a shared vision of promoting resource recycling and contributing to the creation of a circular economy.

Professor OHATA Mitsuru
Assistant Professor LIU Lijun
Specially Appointed Associate Professor OCHI Nobuhisa
Specially Appointed Associate Professor TATEISHI Junya
Guest Professor KUNUGI Atsushi

In this joint research chair, we are working on research and development of elemental technologies for next-generation CAE, considering the ideal form of next-generation CAE.
Focusing on multiscale analysis based on the behavior of crystal, we will proceed with research on homogenization methods and DB utilization methods, and integrate them as Virtual Materials Testing, which should lead to improved accuracy and simplification on product design.

Cell Manufacturing Design (CET) Joint Research Laboratory

Guest Associate Professor MAEKAWA Ryuji
Specially Appointed Researcher HAMADA Akiko
Visiting Researcher TAKAI Minami

We will work to build an automated system that enables stable and mass production for the practical application of cell therapy using umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells. In addition, we will connect a series of processes from manufacturing to transportation to medical sites, aiming to realize social implementation of regenerative medicine.

Microsonochemistry Joint Research Chair

Professor OGI Hirotsugu
Specially Appointed Associate Professor YAMAGUCHI Keiichi
Assistant Professor(concurrently) NAKAJIMA Kichitaro
Specially Appointed Researcher GOTO Yuji
Specially Appointed Researcher SAKAGUCHI Yoshiyuki
Guest Professor MATSUDA Hirokazu
Guest Researcher NAGAMATAU Shinji

We are engaged in fundamental research on the control mechanism of chemical reactions in microchannels using ultrasonication and on ultrasonic sensors. We also approach the basic comparative research between ultrasonication and energy from gunpowder action regarding the control of reactions on proteins.

This is a joint research laboratory among Prof. Matsusaki laboratory of Industrial Organic Chemistry at graduate school of engineering, Osaka University, ITOHAM YONEKYU HOLDINGS INC. and TOPPAN INC. Prof. Matsusaki has developed a superior method to produce cultured meat using 3D cell printing technology. We work on further development of the techniques to enable its implementation in society (ensuring food safety, cost reduction, mass production, etc.). In addition, as key members of the Consortium for Future Innovation by Cultured Meat, we will contribute to solving environmental and food problems, improving people’s health, and proposing food for the future, in collaboration with people in other research and industrial fields.

Specially Appointed Professor SHIBATA Masaaki
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor IWAMATSU Saika

This Joint Research Chair was established in March 2023 as a laboratory that will serve as a driving force to create a new offshore wind industry in Japan and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Then, it is necessary to integrate technologies for offshore wind spreading over various fields. We are working for promoting the industrialization of offshore wind, and for developing human resource who can lead the offshore wind industry.