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Associate Professor SATO Yuji
Specially Appointed Researcher HIGASHINO Ritsuko
Specially Appointed Researcher MASUNO Shinichiro
Specially Appointed Researcher HORI Eiji

Fundamental studies are performed concerning joining, cutting, surface modification and removal processing with laser beams, aimed at advanced fusion between laser science and production engineering. We focus on clarification of welding or joining mechanisms and intelligent monitoring technology on the basis of the visualization of material processing phenomena with high-speed optical observation or X-ray transmission imaging techniques. Moreover, laser should be utilized with not only high thermal efficiency but also physicochemical effects induced by interaction between light and material. Thus we create innovative processes including laser cladding and selective laser melting, put these processes to practical use and disseminate achievements of our research to the world.

Professor UMEDA Junko
Associate Professor KARIYA Shota

Fundamental studies on materials functionalization by “atomic, nano and micro-scaled” materials design and its industrial application