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Associate Professor FUJIEDA Shun(Adjunct)
Associate Professor SEINO Satoshi

In this laboratory , with the aim of development of technologies that contribute to the society of the future, we are researching the followings.
・Preparation of noble metal nanoparticles and application of them to fuel cells and antibacterial fibers
・Development of less-invasive cancer treatment using alternating magnetic field
・Development of magnetic regenerators for cyocoolers
・Nanotechniques for high-sensitivity gene, protein, and immune diagnoses and tailor-made medicine

Professor KAGA Atsuko
Associate Professor WAKAMOTO Kazuhito(Adjunct)
Associate Professor TAKEDA Hiroyuki
Associate Professor IKEUCHI Yoshiaki(Adjunct)

Recently, people are recognizing the necessity of “constant city planning.” In other words, we should not start city planning only after some event has occurred, but should keep discussing city planning on the basis of how our environment should be in the future. Therefore, we study in the following viewpoints.
– City planning to gather people and activate the town
– City planning for designing urban facilities with citizens
– City planning for next generations based on discovering and researching the city situations and problems