Graduate School of Engineering > Department of Management of Industry and Technology > Technology Design Area
Specially Appointed Professor ISHIMARU Hiroshi
Guest Researcher MUKOYAMA Kazutaka

For mechanical production in various fields, such as bio engineering, energy and environment, electronics and disaster mitigation and risks, computer simulation technology as well as experimental method, are studied and educated in our chair. Last topics of research is development of numerical simulator for mechanical property of advanced composite materials, acetabular reconstruction cages made of composite material, and Disaster Mitigation in Urban Areas.

Associate Professor SHINOZAKI Kenji
Specially Appointed Professor MORI Hiroaki
Specially Appointed Professor MATSUURA Hirokazu
Guest Professor KUBO Masao
Guest Professor GENBA Kiminori
Guest Professor NAKAMURA Nobuo
Guest Teacher YAMAZAKI Yasuaki
Guest Teacher IMAHASHI Hiroshi

Our goal is to nurture the next generation of leaders who can adapt to the trend away from conventional “mass production and mass consumption” to the future of “diversification” in “value creation”. The program anticipates technological issues with a view to future social needs, and works on problem-solving and innovation in areas ranging from materials development to product realization technologies such as packaging technology, as well as management and business models for these technologies and products.