Graduate School of Engineering > Division of Mechanical Engineering > Thermo and Fluid Dynamics
Assistant Professor OKABAYASHI Kie

We study the physics of fluid flow, mainly turbulence, fluid-solid interaction and interfacial phenomena, using numerical simulation. The study includes development of new numerical techniques and their application to practical systems. Potential application of our expertise covers broad situations from analysis of existing fluid machinery to development of brand-new mechanical complex.

Professor YANO Takeru
Associate Professor YAMAGUCHI Yasutaka
Assistant Professor INABA Masashi

Research in our group encompasses a wide range of nonlinear and nonequilibrium fluid phenomena from molecular to macroscopic scales, focusing on the fundamental aspect, and aiming at the establishment of novel nonlinear and nenequilibrium fluid mechanics.

Associate Professor SUZUKI Takahiro

Aiming at the technological advance of the next-generation energy conversion devices such as fuel cells and flow batteries, we perform rearch to elucidate chemical reaction and transport phenomena in the devices.

Associate Professor HORI Tsukasa
Assistant Professor SAWADA Shinya

Studies of the highly efficient and clean combustion, the plasma assisted combustion/ignition, the utilization of biomass, the ammonia combustion as an energy carrier, the effective use of combustion field are conducted in the combustion engineering laboratory of Osaka university.

Associate Professor FUJIWARA Kunio

We study principles of heat and mass transfer from nano- to macro-scale to make efficient use of heat energy from the view point of thermal engineering. (Key words) Control of heat and mass transfer, Control of thermophysical properties, Thermal resistance, Interfacial phenomena, Phase change phenomena, Nanostructed interface, Nanofluidics, Molecular simulation, Machine learning.