Graduate School of Engineering > Division of Electrical, Electronic and Infocommunications Engineering > Electronics Materials Engineering Area
Assistant Professor ICHIKAWA Shuhei

Our research interests are centered on optical materials, especially wide bandgap semiconductors, with the aim of seeking and creating singular characteristics, device structures, and systems. Specifically, we are developing a gigabit-class deep-ultraviolet LED optical wireless communication system for 6G and a unique technology for characterization of semiconductors (ODPL spectroscopy). We continue to create innovative solutions through our integrated R&D process (from basic research to application and production).

Professor MORI Yusuke
Associate Professor IMANISHI Masayuki
Assistant Professor USAMI Shigeyoshi

In our material innovation area, we aim to create innovations in new functional materials that hold the key to solve the problems of future environmental problems and advanced information society. Especially, we develop new wavelength conversion optical crystals and nitride semiconductor crystals, and provide an education on these researches.
Our laboratory aims to contribute to society through training of researchers and development of functional materials by practicing from basic research to practical application through industry-academia collaboration and venture creation.

Associate Professor TABATA Hiroshi
Assistant Professor MAIDA Osamu

This area researches the physics of surface/interface of the materials for nano-electronics, which underpin today’s advanced information society from the hardware side.Especially, unique functions of low dimensional materials (2D nanosheets and 1D nanowires) like carbon nanotube, graphene, and other graphene-like layer materials, which are strong candidates for nanomaterials for next generation electronics, are explored and utilized for developing new applications such as sensor devices.

Assistant Professor TANAKA Yutaro

Innovative biominerals area conducts education and collaborative medical engineering research on biominerals (bones, kidney stones, vascular calcification etc.) with the aim of “future medical innovation to support healthy aging” in an aging society. In vivo, bone and kidney stones are the stage where cells and proteins play an active role. Our primary focus is on these materials, and we use electronics technologies such as laser technology, ultrasound, and optical measurement to elucidate the mechanisms of biomineralization and to develop novel therapeutic and preventive methods for bone defects, kidney stones, and vascular calcification. Furthermore, we aim to develop new crystalline material synthesis technologies by applying biomineralization strategies.