Graduate School of Engineering > Division of Electrical, Electronic and Infocommunications Engineering > Communication Systems Area
Professor OCHIAI Hideki
Assistant Professor TAKAHASHI Takumi

We focus on physical layer design and analysis of various wireless communications systems and networks. Our research interests include high data rate coded modulation schemes, massive MIMO signal detection, wireless access schemes for massive IoT devices, broadband and low power consumption wireless transmission schemes, low-complexity design of channel coding and decoding, and applications of statistical signal processing and machine learning to wireless communications systems.

Professor MIYAJI Atsuko
Associate Professor(Lecturer) Tarutani Yuuya
Assistant Professor OKUMURA Shinya

In recent years, diverse and large amounts of information have been transmitted over the Internet from IoT devices like cars or household appliances. Analysis and utilization of such big data are the key factor to the creation of next-generation industries, therefore, it has become a crucial issue to protect privacy of device users. Our laboratory studies the leading-edge cyber security and cryptographic theory, including privacy protection technology in big data analysis and utilization.