School of Engineering > Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering > Department of Nuclear Science and Energy Engineering
Professor MUTA Hiroaki
Associate Professor OHISHI Yuji
Associate Professor KITANO Katsuhisa

We study functional materials for thermal management with the aim of solving energy problems and realizing sustainable society. Thermoelectric, nuclear, and thermal storage materials are studied. We have experiences in fabrication of various materials and in characterization of their thermophysical properties. Computational studies are also conducted to theoretically predict or validate the experimental results.

Professor SATO Fuminobu
Associate Professor AKIYAMA Yoko
Assistant Professor MANABE Yuichiro (Adjunct)
Specially Appointed Researcher MORI Tatsuya

Our laboratory aim to solve the issues of the energy, the environment and the welfare by using radiation technology, magnetic force control technology and bioinstrumentation. The themes are as follows;
・The study on the evaluation of the effects of radiation on the materials, the biomaterials and the environment.
・The study on the environmental purification, the resource recovery and the minimally invasive treatment.
・The improvement of the quality of life (QOL) of human using bioinstrumentation.

Associate Professor HAZAMA Hisanao
Assistant Professor NISHIMURA Takahiro

We are studying novel techniques for medical diagnosis, therapy, and biological analysis using light including laser, on the basis of tissue optics, photobiology, and laser engineering. Research interests include less-invasive treatment with infrared lasers, photodynamic therapy for cancer, optical properties of biological tissues, and laser ionization mass spectrometry, and so on. We are developing the human resources which have profound understanding of both engineering and medical fields.

Nuclear Social Engineering Area

Assistant Professor TAKEDA Satoshi

To utilize nuclear reactors more safely and economically, we have been developing more reliable management methods for equipment operation and new types of nuclear reactor by experiment and computer simulation.

Professor MURATA Isao (concurrently)
Associate Professor HOASHI Eiji
Assistant Professor OKITA Takafumi

We carry on research and education on the safety of nuclear energy, concept of new energy system and so on. At present, main concern is on experimental and numerical studies of hydrodynamics and heat transfer related to liquid metal flow and material behavior loaded by high heat flux. From these studies, we aim to contribute to development of new system of neutron source, fusion reactor and so on. Besides, we study on magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) in order to construct a concept of renewed safety system, heat exchanger and so on.

Assistant Professor KATO Chizu

To achieve a safe chemical processing of spent nuclear fuels and radioactive wastes, we conduct research on chemical behavior of actinides and fission product elements in various electrolyte solutions.

Quantum Reaction Engineering Area

Professor MURATA Isao
Assistant Professor TAMAKI Shingo

We study radiation physics and engineering for advanced medical and industrial applications. The world’s most intense 14 MeV neutron source facility of Osaka University, OKTAVIAN was constructed by us in 1981. Studies of neutronics (neutron engineering) for Fusion Reactor and Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) (new cancer therapy) have been carried out using the OKTAVIAN. Also, we develop new environmental and personal dosimetry methods.