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Based on photo- and radiation-induced chemistry of organic and inorganic compounds, we are studying chemistry of highly reactive intermediates, new synthetic chemistry, and new molecular devices and functional materials including photofunctional surface and biomolecular systems.

Professor IE Yutaka
Assistant Professor JINNAI Seihou
Assistant Professor YOKOYAMA Souichi
Assistant Professor ANDO Naoki

Our main subject is the development of novel molecule-based materials with promising electronic and photoelectronic properties for organic and molecular electronics. The research is based on the elucidation of the relationship between molecular structures and physical properties to control and improve the functions. We conduct integrated research: molecular design/synthesis, physical/chemical properties, and application of these organic semiconductors to electronic devices such as organic field-effect transistor (OFET), organic solar cells (OSC), and single-molecule electronics.

Professor SHIBATA Ikuya
Associate Professor TSUNOI Sinji
Assistant Professor SUZUKI Itaru

This center is currently involved in the development of environmental benign method in organic synthesis, and highly selective and sensitive methods for the analysis of hazardous chemical substances.

Professor NOGI Masaya
Associate Professor KOGA Hirotaka
Assistant Professor KASUGA Takaaki
Assistant Professor ISHIOKA Shun

Cellulose is the most common and abundant bioresources, mainly originating from higher plants. We extract cellulose nanofibers with widths of 3-15 nm from wood pulp, and are currently conducting the development of various cellulose nanofiber-based materials, such as transparent paper, for electronic, catalytic.

Associate Professor MUROYA Yusa
Assistant Professor OKAMOTO Kazumasa

The industrial application of quantum beam will rapidly expand in the field such as high-volume production of semiconductor devices. In Department of Beam Materials Science, the radiation-induced chemical reaction and reaction field have been investigated using state-of-the-art quantum beam (electron, extreme ultraviolet radiation, laser, synchrotron radiation, X-ray, gamma-ray, ion beam). We have studied the chemical reaction system from the energy deposition on materials to the expression of material function. On the basis of these studies, we have designed a noble chemical reaction system.