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Associate Professor MORI Kohsuke
Associate Professor KUWAHARA Yasutaka

The research projects are mainly focused on the design of “Nano-Size Controlled Eco-Materials”, including photocatalysts・photo-functional materials・environmental catalysts・nano-catalysts in the search for development of clean energy and establishment of cost-saving environmental purification processes. For example, solar light sensitive TiO2 photocatalysts and photo-functional materials designed using micro- and meso-pores are being explored with the atomic and molecular level control.

Associate Professor KATSUYAMA Shigeru
Associate Professor SUZUKI Masanori
Associate Professor NAKAMOTO Masashi

Toward the achievement of a sustainable society, we aim to develop low-carbon process for iron-steel and non-ferrous metals, and to develop processes for semiconductor materials and ceramic materials which support energy-saving technology. We design and evaluate the materials processes based on metallurgy such as thermodynamics, kinetics and high temperature melt properties. Moreover, we visualize various reaction processes using the newly-developed visualization technology.

Assistant Professor OKUGAWA Masayuki

The design of materials that exhibits desired functions and the development of their production processes have always been the foundation of manufacturing industries. Nowadays, the establishment of a sustainable society is an urgent global issue, and therefore, the reduction of environmental burdens, such as energy savings, CO2 emissions reduction, and recycling is also an important factor in material design and process development. On the other hand, the digitization of manufacturing processes, as represented by 3D printers, has brought about both new possibilities and challenges to material design and process development. There are various phenomena that can not be predicted or explained by existing science. We aim to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable society and the innovation of our daily life through the creation of new materials by novel technologises, including computer simulations and data analysis for designing materials and optimizing processes via the combination of computational techniques and experimental methods. Also, we aim to systamatize the new scientific knowledge as the metallurgy of new age.

Professor MOMOSE Hideki
Associate Professor SATO Kazunori
Associate Professor TERAI Tomoyuki

・ We provide computational materials design of functional materials and demonstrate its validity by performing experiments. Particularly, we try to describe various physical phenomena related to the electronic excitation (such as finite temperature magnetism, entropy change due to the external field, electronic, thermal and spin transport phenomena) from first-principles. To realize this purpose, we develop quantum simulation methods by combining various theoretical methods. Those methods are applied to designing materials for effective energy conversion and conservation. For providing guidelines for effective search for ideal materials, we also apply statistical data analysis to simulation and experimental results.

Research topics
・ Development of first-principles quantum simulation method
・ Computational materials design for efficient energy conversion and its demonstration, such as solar cell materials, light emitting materials, thermoelectric materials, magneto-caloric materials.
・ Computational materials design for efficient energy conservation and its demonstration, such as spintronics materials, heat-resistant and high strength materials and superconductors.
・ Computational modeling of material properties of multi-component alloys and its application for materials search.