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Associate Professor HABARA Hideaki
Assistant Professor ABE Yuuki

We investigate extreme plasmas from laboratories to the universe, and develop the relevant fields of science, such as astrophysics, space physics, laser and plasma physics. Based on these we develop technological innovations leading to the medical and industrial applications. We conduct experiments with intense lasers, develop mass-production skills of nano-structure targets, and perform numerical simulations with super computers to understand the phenomena. We have broad and strong collaborations all over the world, including US, UK France, Germany, China, Taiwan, India, and also with domestic universities and institutions such as National Institute for Fusion Science, National Institute for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, and Institute of Laser Engineering.

Associate Professor LEE Heun Tae
Assistant Professor IBANO Kenzo

Materials are the key to unlocking nuclear fusion power as a safe and sustainable energy source. We study the incredibly complex interaction between fusion plasma and materials from both a fundamental and engineering point of view. From such framework, we pursue development of novel plasma generation technology and ion beam technology. Pulsed heat and particle loading effects on refractory materials are also our world leading research subjects.

Associate Professor OZAKI Norimasa
Assistant Professor NAKAMURA Hirotaka

We are conducting research on the “Science of Extreme Conditions” using power laser technology, which is “High Energy Density Science”. This research field covers from the creation of scientific and technological innovations such as laser processing to the astrophysics including planetary science. High energy density science is attracting worldwide attention as a research field related to the creation of scientific and technological innovations as well as the creation of academia. In Japan, the Science Council of Japan proposed “Quantum leap jump in power laser technology and high energy density science and the creation of industry” on June 16, 2020. In such a situation, we are going to contribute to realize a sustainable and prosperous society and to open up future possibilities by exploration the unknown world through the research of high energy density science using high power lasers. The research is being promoted through domestic and international collaborations by using the most advanced large high- power laser facilities in the world including the XFEL.

Associate Professor KATO Yushi

Electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) ion sources have been widely used for production of high intensity multicharged ion beams for accelerator, heavy particle cancer radiotherapy, space propulsion, bio-nano material fields, as well as implantation in industrial applications. With promoting basic and applied researches of ECR plasma, we are conducting research and development with respect to new beam source responsible for the next generation.