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Power Electronics and Electrical Energy Area

Associate Professor HASHIMOTO Kazumune
Assistant Professor SHEN Xun

A typical existing control system consists of a physical system to be controlled and a controller implemented as a cyber system. Such a control system can be regarded as a cyber physical system in which s physical system and a cyber system interact with each other through communication network. We are interested in developing techniques for design, control, and optimization of cyber physical systems based on systems and control theory, computer science, and machine learning, and their applications.

Associate Professor IBUCHI Takaaki
Assistant Professor FUKUNAGA shuhei
Specially Appointed Researcher KINEMURA Hiroshi
Specially Appointed Researcher MIYAZAKI Tsuyoshii
Guest Professor NAKAMURA Takashi
Guest Professor SAKABE Shigekazu
Guest Associate Professor OKUDA Takafumi

The research works in our laboratory aim at energy saving, miniaturization, and improving performance of power conversion system, which are based on the simulated analysis with evaluating and modeling of loss in power conversion circuit, electromagnetic noise caused by switching operation, and temperature rise by dissipated loss. To this end, the elements of switching device, passive component, and JISSO technology, which are used in the power conversion system, are evaluated and expanded to build system model.

Professor USHIO Tomoo
Associate Professor TATSUMI Keiji
Assistant Professor Yuuki Wada

Today, human society is facing global environmental problems such as global warming. In this context, remote sensing technology is a fundamental technology to measure various variables related to the global environment. Accurate measurement, extraction and communication of information is one of the most important issues in building a safe and secure society. It has become a major part of the research and development of remote sensing systems. In this area, the research and development of remote sensing systems is the starting point for the research and development of new measurement methods. Throughout the course of the research, we develop a wide range of research from basic to applied, and from hardware to software.
In addition, as the mathematical treatment of “rational decision-making,” we are conducting research on systems engineering, mathematics and intelligent information He also conducts research in the interdisciplinary fields of academia and soft computing, including optimization, pattern identification, and His research interests include the development and application of chaos theory and group intelligence techniques.