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Professor TOKAI Akihiro
Associate Professor NAKAKUBO Toyohiko

For the maintenance of the environmental capacity, balance, and negotiation between the industrial activities and the natural environment, while considering the long term effects, is required. Because of that, it is necessary to understand and prepare for the effects caused by the dynamic characteristics of activities that sustain urban development, such as the emissions from mining, production, consumption, and disposal. Therefore, concerning the supply chain and lifeline issues, we develop methods to accelerate risk assessment of large amounts of chemical substances, estimate triggers and the effects on the human health and the environment of chemical substances released during natural disasters, ultimately, a risk assessment focused on the integrity of the ecosystems and the society. We conduct cross-disciplinary research, including the environmental impact assessment (life cycle assessment/LCA) of resource recycling of rare metals, due to the expansion of electric vehicles, among others, ultimately addressing the ever-growing societal risks associated with the development of industrial activities.

Associate Professor SHIMADERA Hikari
Assistant Professor MATSUO Tomohito

Our laboratory performs the research on the dynamics of heat, water and various pollutants in the environmental media such as atmosphere, sea, fresh water, sediment and soil for the multi-scale from indoor to global. Our objective is to estimate the impact of human activities on our lives and ecosystem, and to develop sustainable environmental technologies for creating a beneficial environment. Our research is based on three principles: Monitoring, Modeling and Management.